When it Comes to 3D Film, How Far is Too Far?

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The enormous success of Avatar has arguably sparked the mainstreaming process of 3D filmmaking.  With this success, however, comes the inevitable question: how far is too far?  As the release date for the third installment in the Twilight franchise, Eclipse, draws nearer, the anticipation of the shooting of the final film, Breaking Dawn, is on every Twihard’s mind.  The highly controversial novel is set to begin its filmic transformation this coming fall, however, Summit Entertainment still hasn’t chosen a director, decided whether to split the movie into two parts, or confirmed whether or not it will be filmed in 3D.

While it might not sound too controversial right now, for anyone who has read the 700-page clusterfuck of a novel, the idea of bringing it to the big screen triggers some mixed feelings.  Let’s just say (and SPOILER ALERT) that no one wants to see Bella Swan give a violent birth to a bloody half-baby-half-vampire spawn that eats its way out of her stomach in some sort of reverse C-section, moreover, in 3D.  The idea is no less than revolting.

The cast of Twilight isn’t exactly onboard with the possibility of 3D either.  Kristen Stewart, who will be the one giving birth in the movie, told MTV, “No, I don’t think that should be [in 3D] … You don’t want Renesmee [the baby] to be scary.  You don’t want her to fly into your face.”  In addition to Stewart’s disapproval, heartthrob Robert Pattinson, the film’s Edward Cullen, says, “The 3D thing confuses me.  I haven’t seen Avatar or any of these 3D movie things yet.  The idea of it… I remember 3D movies from when I was a kid, and I can just picture it giving me a headache.”  Based on the well-attested fact that Twihards blindly follow the opinions of the actors they unrelentingly admire, it wouldn’t surprise me if a gigantic uprising of tweens will have Summit Entertainment shaking in their boots come decision time.  Then again, Summit also knows that fans will go see the film regardless of the decisions (including 3D) that are ultimately made:

“The pluses are obvious. […] The downside? The fans. Some are already begging Summit not to do it. But it’s highly unlikely that any will pass up the chance to watch the last few final strains of this teenage vampire-human-wolfman soap opera. Even if they decided to film it with puppets.”

Other possible obstacles for Summit Entertainment is the fact that the cast isn’t yet signed on for what could be Breaking Dawn – Part 2, and also author Stephenie Meyer’s contractual control over the story, casting, director, etc.

I personally feel that 3D technologies in films should be used sparingly, and in films (like Avatar) that actually warrant the visual effect enhancement.  Only time will tell if fans gets to see a bloody CGI baby bursting out of Bella’s stomach and into the audience.  Yuck.

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