Verizon's 'Valemont': Twilight-Inspired Advertising

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Just when you thought it was safe to leave your coverage area…

Verizon Wireless is jumping on the vampire bandwagon in their new commercial and web series 'Valemont'.  Partnering with, the cell phone company is sponsoring a new series of webisodes that feature an 18-year-old girl who suspects her brother has been murdered by a group of student vampires at her college (sound familiar?).

Starting on September 29th, the first 12 two-and-a-half-minute episodes will air on MTV in front of “The Hills” and the remaining 23 will be viewable on and V-Cast Mobile.  The show has a strong social media aspect: viewers are encouraged to access additional content on their V-Cast Mobile, join the ‘Valemont University’ Flickr account, and follow the in-character Twitter accounts.  I was even shocked to discover that the series has its own IMDB page, so we know it’s legit.

In addition to the mini-series (although, I would be more inclined to call it an ‘itty-bitty-series’), Verizon is already airing a Twilight-inspired commercial to promote their company.  I must admit, this is a thoroughly enjoyable parody that will gain a lot of attention amongst Twihards. 

It’s obvious that Verizon did their research: the commercial location and cinematography is remarkably similar to one of the most famous scenes in Twilight; the Edward and Bella characters and their clothing undoubtedly replicated.

And hey, even Jacob Black has a scene-stealing cameo that will make all the wolf lovers (awooo!) proud.

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