Mock Trailer Mashups: The Power of (Re)Creation

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The Twihard takeover of popular social media sites like Blogger and YouTube has resulted in a surge of 'mock trailers'.  Twilight fans, who more than likely have some sort of audio/video grab and editing software (let's face it... who doesn't?), spend hours upon hours creating these trailer mashups for YouTube.  It might be a wonder why someone would spend so much time on such as thing as a mock trailer, however it's not hard to understand their motivation once you read the viewer comments on the video.  While creators get their fair share of rampant criticism, the praise from Twihards all over the world is overwhelming enough to outweigh the haters as their video almost always goes viral.

The following video is a mock trailer made by editor Kenneth Campbell.  It is a mashup of the audio from The Twilight Saga: New Moon trailer and the video from Disney's Beauty and the Beast.  I can't decide if the making of this trailer was for creative purposes or if the editor just had too much time on his hands... but either way, it's pretty entertaining.

flickr image: tyler cyrus

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